Three Reasons to Hire an Assault Defense Lawyer

When an assault occurs, police officers often arrive to a scene of heightened tension. They must act quickly to restore calm and protect physical security. Adrenaline can make it difficult to make a coherent statement, and arrests rarely occur with all facts in hand. An assault defense lawyer will be able to help ensure that your side of the story is accurately represented. Here are three reasons why hiring an attorney is a good idea:

Long Island assault defense lawyer

When accused of an assault or criminal offense, you need the assistance of an experienced assault defense lawyer. Jason Bassett and his law office are dedicated to providing effective criminal defense on Long Island. They thoroughly examine the evidence and details of your assault case, including police records and medical records. They will also review the case history and case comparisons in New York and other states to provide you with a strong defense. Their staff prides themselves on the personalized service they provide and the dedication they have to protecting their client’s rights in court.

An assault is a broad term used to describe various violations that result in physical injury to another person. Assault charges vary by jurisdiction, and some assaults are misdemeanors and others are felonies. Regardless of the degree of the assault, it is always best to consult with a Long Island assault defense attorney before pleading guilty to a charge. Your rights to remain silent are important. New York citizens always have the right to remain silent.

Texas assault defense lawyer

If you have been accused of an assault, you should consider hiring a Texas assault defense attorney. Assault charges can be either simple or aggravated. The assault charge refers to physical contact that causes or threatens bodily injury. In addition, it can also be categorized as an act of offensive or unwanted physical contact. The prosecutor has the power to dismiss a case if the victim has changed her mind. A Texas assault defense attorney can present arguments to convince the prosecutor to drop charges.

A top Texas assault defense attorney should be able to help you get the best possible outcome from your case. A reputable and bold attorney can negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf and fight to have the charges reduced or dismissed. Prosecutors often try to press their case when the alleged victim has changed his or her mind after the heat of the moment. In such cases, it is a good idea to hire a Texas assault defense attorney who has the necessary experience to combat their aggressive tactics.

Florida assault defense lawyer

An assault charge can have many different causes. It could result from a heated argument or simply from a bad temper. In the heat of the moment, people can say and do things that are out of character. Even though it is not the intent of the defendant to hurt another person, the crime can be classified as an assault under Florida law. Regardless of the cause, an assault conviction can have serious consequences. Contact a Florida assault defense attorney today to learn about your rights and options.

One of the most common reasons to defend yourself against an assault charge is if you were acting in self-defense. This defense is most effective when you were in a place where you feared for your safety and the lives of others. In other cases, you may be defending a property. However, if you were attacked outside of your home, this defense is not always the best choice. It is important to retain a Florida assault defense lawyer as soon as possible after being charged.