The best business advices come from real-world experiences

The best business advices come from real-world experiences. You might have heard of such tips as “Shake hands and make a deal.” Others may have read about the “80/20 Rule” of marketing, by Derek Halpern, Candace Silvers, or Derek Acuff. The 80/20 Rule is about making the most of the people who have the most potential to benefit from your business. It can help you develop a more focused approach to your marketing efforts.

Shake hands and make a deal

A recent study shows that a handshake before a business negotiation improves the outcome of the negotiation. This effect was consistent among the three different cultures studied. It could be because shaking hands creates a cooperative spirit, which leads to a better deal. Researchers also observed the effects of other hand gestures on negotiations.

In order to make a handshake deal work, it should be simple and straightforward. If it is too complicated, it may cause disputes or misinterpretations. In addition, it should include discussion about the economic basis of the deal.

Derek Halpern’s 80/20 Promotion-Creation Rule

The 80/20 rule is a principle that applies to content creation and promotion. According to Halpern, you should devote approximately 20 percent of your time creating content and 80 percent to promoting it. It’s important to remember that while a piece of content might be brilliant, it’s no good if no one knows about it. In fact, it’s unlikely to generate a large number of subscribers unless you also promote it.

If you’re unable to turn traffic into subscribers, the 80/20 rule won’t work for you. Halpern spends tens of thousands of dollars every month promoting his content. To do this, bestadvicezone he analyzes his website’s analytics and finds out which posts are generating the most traffic. Then, he adds an “upgrade” to these posts – usually a downloadable file. The purpose is to capitalize on the traffic that came with the original content.

Candace Silvers’ 80/20 Promotion-Creation Rule

Candace Silvers is a world-renowned healer and human behavioral expert. She’s the creator of the Silvers Healing Modality and the founder of the Silvers Healing Academy. Her innovative approach to energy healing has helped healers in more than 30 countries and six continents. She’s also applied her knowledge of human behavior to business consulting, helping clients and companies change unconscious behavioral patterns.