IPQualityScore Review

IPQualityScore is a fraud prevention service that provides proxy and VPN detection, email validation and device fingerprinting. The company’s Proxy Detection API identifies malicious IP addresses used by open proxies, VPNs, Tor nodes, malware & botnets, hosting providers and other bad actors. It enables companies to Proactively Prevent Fraud by blocking such bad users before they commit a chargeback, fake account or spamming activity.

Businesses in a number of industries can benefit from this type of protection, including financial institutions, such as banks and insurance agencies, which are commonly targeted by bad users. The software can also be beneficial to tech firms, such as software makers and hardware manufacturers, who are often the target of hackers looking to steal their technology and IP.

Unlike other fraud protection services, which only provide post-analysis reports and notifications of fraudulent activity, IPQualityScore prevents fraud in real time by scanning visitors in real-time to check their behavior against blacklists of previous offenders. This approach can save businesses valuable time and money by preventing bad users from committing any type of fraudulent activity, such as click fraud, fake accounts or SPAM.

The company offers a variety of flexible plans, which are tailored to the specific needs of each customer. For example, it can help ecommerce sites by scanning visitors to look for signs of a proxy or VPN connection, and by automatically filtering out non-human traffic so that only legitimate users are able to access the site. It can also identify low quality users, such as duplicate user accounts, bogus information and fake registrations. This can help to reduce a site’s risk of fraud and improve its ROI by reducing unnecessary costs and improving conversion rates.

This solution can be integrated with existing platforms using an easy-to-use RESTful API that supports all popular programming languages. In addition, it can be customized and configured to match specific business needs, such as varying the strictness level of click scoring, the amount of data passed to the backend, and other parameters. It can be used by businesses of all sizes, and it can also be implemented as a part of a larger security platform.

Other features include a free plan that allows users to try out the service, as well as a selection of other useful tools, such as the IP Address Lookup tool, which allows them to enter an IP address and discover its hostname, location data, reputation data, timezone and more. The Phone Number Validator is a similar tool that can verify phone numbers and find out if they are active, if the owner has opted for anonymous calling, or if the number was recently exposed in a database breach. In addition, the Email Validator can scan an email address and find out if it is real, if it contains spam traps or other risk factors. Lastly, the Email Tracker allows customers to monitor and respond to emails that are suspicious or abusive. These can be blocked, flagged for review or sent to a spam or bulk folder.