Fire Shutters – Protect Your Business From Devastating Fire Damage

Fire shutters are an important element of any building’s fire safety plan. They’re commonly found in kitchens and canteens, as well as rooms with fire hazards, and are designed to seal off the area to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading. But what exactly are they and how do they work? In this article we’ll take a closer look at fire shutters london and how they function to protect your business from devastating damage.

All commercial buildings, offices, shops and industrial premises are required by law to have a comprehensive fire safety strategy in place. This is to ensure the safety of everyone in the building, whether they’re employees or customers. Fire safety measures should include a fire escape plan and, for high risk areas, a dedicated fire safety shutter. These specialist shutters are designed to withstand up to four hours of fire damage, meaning that they can help to limit the amount of property damage caused by a fire and allow occupants to escape the building safely.

When it comes to protecting your premises, fire shutters london are one of the most effective ways to do so. They’re specifically rated to withstand four hours of fire, making them far more robust than standard roller shutters. They can also be installed in a variety of different places within your premises, including car parks and loading bays.

They can either be wired into your existing fire alarm system or fitted with their own heat detection systems, and once triggered will activate automatically in the event of a fire. They’ll close when a fire is detected and they’ll continue to operate until the fire has been extinguished or the shutter is manually opened by an operator.

Another benefit of fire shutters is that they help to reduce the spread of smoke, which can often be more deadly than the actual flames themselves. In addition, they can prevent a fire from quickly spreading to other areas of your premises and potentially stopping people from escaping or being trapped inside the building.

Finally, when the fire shutters are closed, they can help to prevent a fire from spreading through your roof and causing more serious damage. This can help to minimise the amount of damage that is caused and will give the emergency services more time to arrive and put the fire out.

When choosing your fire shutters london, it’s important to choose one that is fully insurance approved. New Security’s range of SR2 and SR3 rated fire shutters are fully insured, meaning that they can be covered in the event of a fire or any other damage to your premises. They’re also Secured by Design, which is the police’s flagship initiative to reduce crime and burglary. To find out more about our range of insurance approved shutters, get in touch with the team today. We’d be happy to provide further information and to arrange a free survey and quote.