Ever Valve

Ever valves are cast iron or Ductile iron valves that are manufactured by Ever Metal Industry Co., Ltd. These valves are known for their high quality and competitive prices. The company is a member of the VMA, the valve manufacturers association. It also provides valve inspection and repair services. This manufacturer has been in business since 1972.

Ever Metal manufactures Ductile Iron/Cast Iron valves

Ever Metal manufactures Ductile Iron/cast Iron valves for industrial use. These valves are used in a variety of industries and are made of the highest quality materials. Ever Metal’s cast iron and ductile iron valves are available at competitive prices.

Ductile iron is a material that is extremely strong and has great tensile and yield strength. It also has good corrosion resistance and is not prone to breakage, making it the perfect choice for high-pressure applications. This material is more expensive than cast iron, but it is much stronger and more reliable.

Ductile Iron valves come in a variety of sizes. There her response are single cartridge valves, double cartridge valves, y-strainers, and butterfly valves. The single cartridge valves handle flow rates of between 25.4 and 127 gpm, while the multi-cartridge systems can handle flow rates of up to 1,778 gpm. The butterfly valve features vary depending on the size and shape, and there are butterfly valves that are bi-directional and dead.

Metso manufactures intelligent valve controllers

Metso is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of valves, actuators, and intelligent valve controllers. They have an extensive installed base around the world and a reputation for reliability and value-added services. In addition to offering a wide range of valves, Metso provides a wide variety of valve solutions, including butterfly valves, scotch yoke actuators, and more.

The Goliat plant in Norway is using intelligent valve controllers from Metso. The plant, which left the shipyard on February 13, 2015, is the first to use the company’s valves and is reducing the operational costs. In addition to predictive diagnostics, the valve controllers also offer increased safety.

These intelligent valve controllers have advanced diagnostic capabilities and a partial stroke testing device. They are designed to handle a wide range of on-off applications and help process plants meet strict environmental requirements. They also provide superior performance. iCV controllers offer a full range of valves, including high-performance, eccentric disc valves and rotary valves.

Ever Metal is a VMA member company

VMA, or vinyl methacrylate, is a low-molecular-weight resin. It consists of 81 percent vinyl chloride, 17 percent vinyl acetate, and 2 percent maleic acid. This unique formula has a carboxyl functional group that allows it to adhere to metal and resist chemicals. These properties make it suitable for coatings, inkjet printers, and thermal transfer adhesives.