Court Marriage – A Legal Marriage Without the Hassles of Religious Rituals

A court marriage is a legal marriage between two people without the need of a religious ceremony. It can save both parties from the huge costs of the wedding ceremony and rituals. It also allows the parties to choose the method of getting married that suits them best. The cost and procedure of court marriage vary by state. But, it is a great option for couples who are too far apart to get married.

Age of bride and groom

The age of the bride and groom in a court marriage depends on the circumstances of the wedding and the individual circumstances of the couple. If one of the parties is under the age of seventeen years, he or she will need the consent of both parents or a legal guardian, and must present proof of age. If one of the parents is deceased, certified copies of a death certificate and a birth certificate are required. In addition, if one or both parents’ names do not match, additional proof will be required.

A court marriage cannot be performed without a court order, and it is illegal to marry a minor unless both parents consent. The Registrar of Marriages must approve the marriage before it can proceed.


Court marriage is a legal process to tie the knot. While it is not like an ordinary marriage, it is performed as per the guidelines laid down under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. This law was enacted to make marriages easier for people who want to be married without the hassles of family and friends. It is also a popular choice for couples who are not able to afford a big wedding but still want to tie the knot with court marriage their loved one.

Generally, the cost of court marriage in Pakistan ranges from Rs15000 to Rs25000. However, you should be aware that you can find cheap lawyers who are willing to charge less than this. You should be wary of these lawyers, as many of them will try to trick you into paying for pretexts. A good lawyer will charge you reasonable rates and will protect you from malpractices.


A court marriage is a legally recognized ceremony in which a couple is married in front of three witnesses. It is a more straightforward and cheaper option than the more traditional marriage rituals. Couples who want to get married in a courtroom should make sure that they are mentally fit to marry and that their consent to the marriage is free and valid.

Applicants for court marriages must provide certain documents and complete a marriage application. In addition, they must bring two passport-sized photographs of each spouse and two proofs of address. These proofs can include a voter’s ID, a ration card, an electricity or BSNL bill, or a driving license.