3G Pitch Maintenance

3G pitch maintenance is the process of keeping your artificial grass sports surface in a good condition and working properly. The type of maintenance you carry out will depend on the needs of your particular 3g surfacing system, which may require more frequent cleaning than others. It is important that the correct equipment and machinery  is used for your 3g pitch maintenance, so that it is carried out effectively and efficiently. There are several different types of 3g pitch maintenance to carry out, which range from regular drag brushing to more intensive works such as a Deep Cleaning Process and Power Grooming.

Effective 3g pitch maintenance is essential to ensure that the carpet of your surfacing maintains the playing characteristics it was designed for. Whether you have a rubber crumb filled 3G surface or a more traditional sand dressed synthetic surface, it is necessary that the carpet is regularly decompacted and redistributed to ensure that the optimum level of performance is achieved. This will help to improve the bounce of the ball, stud slide and shock absorption.

As the 3G carpet system is increasingly being adopted by governing bodies such as The FA, RFU and FIFA for use at a range of levels, it is important that it continues to provide the highest level of quality and performance. 3G surfaces are a great alternative to grass as they can be used in all weather conditions and also do not need to be watered regularly, however, they still need the same type of care that would be needed on organic pitches.

Drag brushing is a key part of 3g pitch maintenance and involves running a machine across the surface to distribute the rubber infill evenly throughout the artificial fibres and remove dirt that has collected. This process is very important as it helps to prevent infill migration, which can damage the surfacing.

Another essential aspect of 3G pitch maintenance is to check the pitch every day for signs of damage or unbalanced levels of rubber infill. By checking the surface daily, any issues can be dealt with immediately before they worsen. This will also help to identify any areas that need a more in-depth clean.

In winter, snow can be very damaging to the 3G surface if it is left for too long so it is crucial that the snow is scooped off as soon as possible. This will also protect the surfacing from further damage and reduce any risk of players falling on it.

Another essential part of the process is to go over how best to look after the surface with those who will be using it, ranging from the correct footwear to explaining what to do if there are any issues. Educating users of the pitch can be one of the most beneficial aspects of 3g pitch maintenance, as it can really help the surface thrive. This will be particularly true if the pitch is often used in winter and there are high levels of rainfall.